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DTF (Direct-to-Film)

Let your creativity flow! High quality logos and elaborated custom designs.

Complex visuals and gradients

Ultra-complex designs with gradients are possible thanks to this printing method. Our prints are all done in our atelier in Luxembourg, using a cutting edge DTF printing method. This technique guarantees a soft touch and the ability to print the smallest details on your custom product.

Pictures and shades

Our DTF printing method allows us to print Pictures or designs with complex shading and details directly into the fabric ( custom t-shirt custom hoodie ). That way you can make custom clothing even with the most complex designs.

Estimated pricing

We offer a wide range of custom options to customise your products with no minimum, with different sizes to chose.

For our DTF Direct-to-Film service our pricing range can vary between 22€ - 4€ depending your project.

Keep in mind that our prices decreases with more quantity you order!


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