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Welcome to our FAQ, we are so happy to have you here and as a client.
We have tried to answer the most common questions.

Getting started

We’ve brought together some commonly asked questions about our clothing manufacturing services.

What are your minimum and maximum order quantities?

E.M C offers a Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ). Minimum orders vary per design, and can be as low as 50 units for Casual Wear (design dependent). We support both large and small brands and our infrastructure allows us to offer a full manufacturing solution from prototype development to full scale production.

Where are fabrics sourced?

Fabrics are sourced based upon the requirements of the customer, we often weave custom fabrics to suit the application. If required we can source branded or imported fabrics, and we can also produce organic, sustainable and recycled fabrics upon request.

What garments do you specialise in?

We specialise in Men’s and Women's casual wear, however our capabilities extend to other products, button up formal shirts and accessories such as caps.

Does your manufacturing take place in Portugal?

Yes, we produce every items in Portugal.

What are your lead times for bulk manufacture?

Lead times vary with workload and with design complexity, however for bulk production lead times are around 6-7 weeks from confirmation of sample. However, we understand some clients have time constraints which we will always endeavor to meet. Often, lead times are shorter than those quoted above. If you would like clarification on lead times for your items please do get in touch.

What is a “unit”?

A “unit” is one single garment. Therefore our MOQ of 50 units per design and per colour is referring to 50 single garments to make up a batch. A “unit” may also be called a “piece” or given as the abbreviation “pcs” when referring to multiple units.

Do I need professionally drawn designs in place?

Professionally drawn designs are helpful for us to gather an understanding of the clothing you’d like to have produced, however we understand that as a small brand or a start up you may not have these in place. In that case you can simply use a tack-pack.


We’ve brought together some commonly asked questions about our clothing manufacturing services.

What materials do you use to produce items and are they ethically sourced?

The materials used to create your products are ethically sourced from our reputable suppliers. As a part of the design process we take in to account your requirements for durability, luxury and hand feel, matching your items with the very best materials for the application.

How do you accept payment?

We accept payment via bank transfer. Payment information can be found on your invoice.

Can you supply just the fabric?

We don’t offer fabric supply as a service.

Can you make swing tags?

We can produce swing tags as an additional service. Each garment would be supplied without a swing tag unless specified, but we’re able to produce them for you if required. If you’d like to have a quote for custom swing tags please do get in touch and we will be happy to advise further.

Can you produce custom packaging?

No, not at this moment.


We’ve brought together some commonly asked questions about our clothing manufacturing services.

How long do samples and prototypes take to produce?

The length of time it takes for you to receive your samples and prototypes depend entirely on your requirements. With that being said however, we aim to produce a pre production prototype within 2-4 weeks of order placement. We will always endeavor to meet any timescales you may have, and will discuss this with you throughout the design process.

Would my garments have any E.M Customs branding on them?

No, only your branding would be on the garments and labels.


We’ve brought together some commonly asked questions about our clothing manufacturing services.

Do you produce ladies clothing?

Yes we do. We produce almost all kind of clothings.

Can you produce items not shown on your website?

The items shown on our website are intended as a guide to show you the scope of what we can manufacture. Our vast capabilities are such that we can manufacture almost any product within the main categories shown on this website. We love working with all brands and enjoy developing new products so whatever your requirements or ideas please get in touch and we can discuss a design solution for you.


We’ve brought together some commonly asked questions about our delivery services.

Which courier service delivers orders?

A selection of fully tracked and insured courier services are available and selected to best suit your shipping requirements. We predominantly use DHL for shipping although will discuss with you the best solution for your order.

Are there any import duties I should know about?

Some products incur an import duty which differs according to the country of delivery, product type and cost. We are more than happy to discuss with you any import duties which you may incur upon delivery and will endeavour to answer any questions you may have regarding the import of goods.