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Most durable and noble outcome. Adds depth, is elegant and resistant. Perfect for logos of your company or club.


Embroidery is the printing method that is most resistant. It ensures a great quality design and doesn’t fade with time. The formula of our thread makes the embroidery permanent even on hot washing cycles (washable up to 90°)

Stylish and noble

Embroidery is the printing technique that offers the best quality customisation. Available from clothing that weighs 180g/m. Embroidery makes your garment shine. It adds depth and is elegant. On some garments that are more hard, like caps we offer a special 3D embroidery that adds a puff to your design. We offer a wide variety of threads and accessories for your embroidery projects.

Available in many colors

Embroidery makes it possible to embroider your clothes in many colors.

60+ colors available.

Estimated price

We offer a wide range of custom options to customise your products with no minimum, with different sizes and colours to chose;

For our Embroidery service pricing range 18€ - 2€ depending your project.

+Logo programmation & digitalisation fee (one time fee )

Keep in mind that our prices decreases with more quantity you order!


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